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tammy blocked a lot of peeps
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Homophobe Rant.
After reading this ->  I just really hate humanity right now. Peyton is hating on Homosexuals, and using his religion as an excuse to be a bitch, and harassing Homsexuals like me, just for liking the same gender, or even SUPPORTING the LGBT community.
:iconjewish-bobcat:Jewish-Bobcat 1 5
Oh real mature PeytonTheRiolu
I comment on your page to make a point, then you flag my comment as spam, and block me?
Fine, I don't care.
We all know you're a disgusting Homophobe anyways.
And it's fucking hilarious to me that you ACTUALLY think you're a Pokemon.
Guess what?
You're not.
And you're not gonna get any friends by being an asshole.
We get that you're Christian.
Guess what?
Not everyone cares.
And there's a difference between supporting Homosexuality, not supporting it, but not having a problem with it, and just being a Homophobe.
Did you know that Homophobes NEVER have a good reason to be Homophobic?
I even asked you to give me ONE reason as to why you are Homophobic.
And saying because you're Christian is NOT a reason.
I have many friends who are Christian, and support, or don't have a problem, with Homosexuals.
Hell, :iconJewish-Bobcat: is Bi, and she's Christian.
I'm a Catholic, and I'm straight, but I support Homosexuality.
And if you say Homosexuality goes against the Bible, ho
:iconbutters-love-2013:Butters-Love-2013 5 11
top 5 most autistic 707fangirl deviations returns
5: her daddy should of used a condom
4: does she have autism like you tammy
3: fnaf is beyond regular autism
2: alica looks like she is about to rape kiragi with autism
1: pure autism in physical form
:iconnigeriancockrocket:NigerianCockRocket 1 2
Mature content
Diknos The Nigerian Twin Dicked Penguin :iconnigeriancockrocket:NigerianCockRocket 2 0
Blobfish vs Tammy :iconradiocollector:radiocollector 5 32
top 10 most autistic 707fangirl deviations 4 final
10: my little autism
9: beyond regular autism
8: you want to finger his anal zone dont you autist
7: she has autism doesnt she
6: they are upset because they were drawn by a dumb autist
5: autism needs to be stopped before 80% of the population has it
4: fucking weebanigger
3: no one would care if you died you autist
2: siegheil poisoning autists colorized 2017
1: edge + autism is beyond regular thought
:iconnigeriancockrocket:NigerianCockRocket 2 3
top 10 most autistic 707fangirl deviations
10:  is this autistic mother trying to prevent her nigger from coming out of her belly alien style
9: you cant call pixels your baby you dumb autistic fucker
8: you blush all the time you autist you keep looking for big chunky penises to chew on
7: do you wanna fuck this or something i wont be surprised if you do cause autists have fetishes for this
6: someone call animal control do not let the autistic girl near the animals
5: does the baby have autism
4: you dumb autist spring trap is a dead child thats both pedophilia and necrophilia AND fnautism
3: this is what you get when you make a mary sue with autism
2: is he sticking his big chunky penis in your face
:iconnigeriannazi:NigerianNazi 3 14
another art thief :/
yep, I've had it with this one person.
707Fangirl , I'm going to be stopping this art thief once and for all.
FattyCake666 has gotten a bunch of evidence !
If you take a look through her journal, you'll see that most of her gallery is images of a game. what does da have to say about that ?
" This means that content such as screenshots, celebrity photographs, video game sprites, and other similar materials are not typically considered to be valid resources for use in submissions to your DeviantArt gallery unless you have obtained written permission from the copyright holder. "
plainly put, you're not allowed to post screenshots of any sort on da unless you have permission from the copyright owner.
- - - -
and her art

Since she used pokemon art academy to draw it, I had to do a little bit of digging for information, and found a FAQ
" No
You must obtain written permission
:iconmarshmaallow:marshmaallow 5 0
Message to 707fangirl
707Fangirl let me say this, after all this time, I'm trying to help you. I believed that you can change.... But you blocked me for NO GOOD REASONS.
I actually defending you from radiocollector too, saying that it was not nice or rude to harrassed you. But BOOIIII people don't care if they did something nice to you, they'll will remember the bad stuff about you.
I gave you some tips and advices that could make you become a better person or at least make your drama btween you and 'you-know-who' is a dead news, but you ignored it :) My hardwork and time to typing those advices are wasted, on you because I want to help and actually care for you.
If you (others) ask me, "Why Tammy AKA 707fangirl blocked you?" Well, here's why.
1. She posted a status saying "Why people sending notes saying that they're done with me?" And simply assummed that those people are immature. My comment is saying that they're done hating on her and want to moved on, not to mention that the way she acted is immatur
:iconsuuuuuup:Suuuuuup 5 103
Friends and Family :3
(Known) Relatives on DA: :iconwindferret:
Best IRL Friends: :iconJammer556: :iconOreo48:
DA Friends: :iconLolaAndEmily: :iconJonyTheDragon: :iconFattyCake666: :iconradiocollector: :iconJoeyBacala: :iconbanbandalin:
Awesome People: Pretty Much All of my Watchers :)
I made this because I want you all to know that I'm thankful for EVERY person that has given me positive feedback.
(And because I need something positive on my account :3)
:iconstrawberrymuffin37:StrawberryMuffin37 1 16
Rant on 707Fangirl
3 words for her: Retarded, selfish, ignorant!
Let's start the criticizing on her! 
707Fangirl posted a status
Mom: GET YOUR GRADES UP OR I'LL TAKE YOUR STUFF AWAY! Me: (in Mike Wazowski's voice) If you're gonna threaten me, do it properly.
WHAT IS THAT? DO YOU SEE THAT? TELL ME HOW NO TO RANT ON THIS BITCH! She behaves to her mother like a shit! Tammy must be thankful that she has such a good parents with patience! My father will automatically take my laptop if I had bad grades in college! It is clear that Tammy behaves like a kid without control. But after all that is not completely her fault. It's her parent's fault that they did not learned their dearest child how to behave! Tammy acts like a big cunt with no respect! Let's continue with something else...
:iconradiocollector:radiocollector 6 67


memes are still fuckin against the rules dumbass
and what about all the other fucked up shit youve done?
how fuckin typical to just cherrypick whatever the fuck you want outta what i said just so you can defend yourself against that one fuckin thing and then completely ignore everything else i said lolol
same ol tammy lolol
FattyCake666, I got DMCA'd over a meme.
lolol you need to fuckin make it a full ACTUAL apology

for starters
you didnt fuckin apologize to specific people that you hurt or treated like fuckin shit
you know who youve fuckin hurt you just dont want to fuckin apologize directly

you didnt apologize for specific fuckin behavior
oh dont fuckin know
death threats
violence threats
art theft from actual fuckin people
dmca-ing someone just because they had a fuckin character with the same name as one of yours
sending your fuckin white knights after innocent people
attacking fuckin innocent people yourself
deleting anything that makes you fuckin look bad
stalking people to see if theyre fuckin talkin shit
spreading lies and bringing up people in the past just to fuckin start drama right back up again

just fuckin sayin sorry and please forgive me over and over again doesnt fuckin count in my book
it seems like youre just fuckin sorry that you got caught and you still doesnt want to fuckin deal with the consequences
so sorry if i seem like a fuckin ass about this
but thats just the way i fuckin see it because i dont really fuckin see any improvement

but ill give ya a fuckin 4/10 because "you tried" lolol
ill "lay off" for now but youd better fuckin believe that im keepin my fuckin eye on you

if youre really sorry then youll fuckin prove it by acting the part and not just saying it and leaving it at fuckin that
dont be one of those fuckwads whos "all talk and no action"

dont fuckin do something fuckin stupid that youll regret...again
lolol fuckin really?
killing yourself just because someone is fuckin spamming you?
lolol wow
dramatic much?
The original status has been deleted
lolol nope
we all have to fuckin deal with you every fuckin day so we know what if fuckin feels like dont worry lolol
The original status has been deleted
lolol fuckin wow

oh tammy tammy tammy

one would think youd learn your fuckin lesson about making death threats at people lolol

oh lol and just in case you think deleting the status will fuckin protect you lolol think again bitch
The original status has been deleted
good lolol we dont wanna fuckin see it anyway
I can't post any of my art due to stress...
youre fuckin stupid and unfunny and all the shit you trace and steal is even more fuckin stupid
I do like the Shrek movies but the memes and fandom, ISTG! The memes are stupid and unfunny and the fandom is even more stupid!
lolol we hate your life too dipshit
The original status has been deleted
lolol fuckin really?
begging for core?
how low are you gonna fuckin get before you get your crusty ass kicked to the fuckin curb? lolol
The original status has been deleted
lolol really bitch
what the fuck are you gonna do about it?
lolol oh wait
you cant do fuckin shit except fuckin whine lol
lolol oh no
its fuckin retarded just like you
and yeah... "Nutella"
nice cover up for shit you sick fuck lolol
How Hazel interacts with other people or pokemon is by slapping them with her paw (with Nutella on it). They thought it was funny since she's a troublemaker.
0/10 no fuckin effort or originality at all and lazy as fuck gtfo with this cringe fest lolol

Hazel by 707Fangirl
oh fuckin excuse me
im fuckin allergic to cringy mary sues lolol
Fact: After Belka (The Blazikario)'s father passed away due to an illness, She went on a murdering rampage by poisoning other people and their pets' food. So far she has killed over 100,000 people and over 20,000 pets due to poison.
we still have a shitton of links to all your dumb shit saved dumbass
and da staff can view shit even if its fuckin deleted
soooo whos the fuckin loser here?
lolol nice try bitch

this just fuckin proves that you find joy in getting away with your shit and this is all nothing more than a fucked up game to you that youre determined to fuckin win at all costs
even if it means tearing others down in order to fuckin do it
youre a fuckin psychotic bitch
all youve ever been and all you ever fuckin will be
By the way, DA doesn't allow screenshots as evidence so you lose.
fuckin seriously?
how fuckin desperate and cringy ARE you exactly? lolol
The original status has been deleted
lolol its not fuckin false reporting when youve broken over 12 fuckin rules and are still fuckin doing it shut the fuck up lol
The original status has been deleted
yo heres a fuckin group for anyone who hates fuckin tammy just as much as we do lolol
ask my fam radiocollector if youre fuckin interested lol
yo cock sucker
check out this beautiful fuckin shit right here…
shit like this fuckin makes me happy because theyre innocent fuckin normal people who deserve to love whoever the fuck they want!
enjoy all the fucking screenshots fam
youre in for quite the fucking ride lolol
all this shit has been sent to me by multiple fucking users over the course of all this shit taking place


FattyCake666's Profile Picture
Fah Kyu
United States
Well hello motherfucker

Lol NO spam or h8 allowed!!

or not

do whatever you want i dont give a fuck lol


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radiocollector Featured By Owner Edited Mar 19, 2017
Kill Ciber-Kitty XD
She's a pedophile that wants Sans for her mate. And also shows off very ugly scenes and is ignorant jusl like Tammy XD
Ciber-Kitty is the new enemy now!
FattyCake666 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  New Deviant
Adopts-4-pay Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Artist


ArioGrimmRe Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wrong! She broke at least ten DA rules. First look up the facts then comment.
ArioGrimmRe Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Says the person, who hacked GeminiHuntress to get her password, offered Tammy to give her Geminis password so she could threaten her and constantly bitches about Gemini? Yeaaahalright! You know I could get you banned for this very interesting information?
TragicallyComedic Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
Oh hey you
Radio kinda suggested that I'd make a group for the peeps Tammy blocked. Think it would be a good idea?
ArioGrimmRe Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
We already call us the blocked by Tammy club so why not. XD
(1 Reply)
TragicallyComedic Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
Oh you~
FattyCake666 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  New Deviant
lolol does it look like i give a fuck kid?
go back to your dumbass queen with your tail between your fuckin legs
not sorry to fuckin break it to you
but you dont use your age or mental issues to get away with treating people like fuckin shit
which she does
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